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The Missing Piece in Your Web Services or Web Hosting Puzzle  

Scalable plans on a massively Scalable Platform. Unlimited Scaling meets your needs
Arch City Web Services handles growth automatically keeping your online presence affordable.
Just pay in small increments as you grow.

Add disk space $0.50/GB / Add bandwidth $0.25/GB / Add requests $0.05/Thousand 

Domain Parking/Forwarding
 $3.00 Initial Setup
*Does not include $12 new Registration
or Transfer

Domain / Site Name

  $11.49/mo or $33.75/Qtr or $129.88/Yr
  NO Initial Setup
Plan Details
  100 MB Disk Space
  8 GB Data Transfer
  20 POP Accounts
  100000 Requests /mo
  333 Compute Cycles /mo
Domain / Site Name

  $7.49/mo or $21.25/Qtr or $84.88/Yr
  $10.00 Initial Setup if < 1yr

Plan Details
  50 MB Disk Space
  4 GB Data Transfer
  10 POP Accounts
  50000 Requests /mo
  166 Compute Cycles /mo

Domain / Site Name

  $5.49/mo or $15.75/Qtr or $57.88/Yr
  $10.00 Initial Setup if < 1yr
Plan Details
  25 MB Disk Space
  2 GB Data Transfer
  5 POP Accounts
  25000 Requests /mo
  83 Compute Cycles /mo

Domain / Site Name

Place Monthly or Quarterly Order Here

One to Unlimited MySQL Databases are available for as low as $2 and up !!
100 Mb of Microsoft  SQL Database space can be added to any plan for $10 / Month   (No License Fees, No Hassle)

The Nuts and Bolts of the  Cloud   

Here’s how it works: Applications are loaded on the Hosting Cloud platform and automatically inherit clustered processing, load-balancing and redundant storage. The moment an application is uploaded, it’s set to scale across an entire fleet of computers. There are no devices to think about or servers to configure. Rather than install an OS (operating system), a company simply selects one. Nor is there any need for administering the underlying systems. The result is a unique combination of cloud-computing scalability and the simplicity of a Enterprise Level, Commercial shared hosting environment.  

Important Features

A few features separate us and Rackspace from the rest of the cloud-computing pack:  

  • By keeping its hosting platform standardized with pre-configured servers and software options, we can easily monitor and scale the services its customers require.
  • Unlike Amazon.com Inc.’s cloud-computing service, which does not support Microsoft Windows, we support Windows and Linux, PHP, Ruby on Rails, .Net, Perl, Python, MySQL and SQL Server. The Rackspace Coud system implements these on demand.
  • There’s no need for a company to worry about scaling up its infrastructure as traffic grows. Instead, We save site developers and businesses the headache by automatically configuring and provisioning each layer of the technology stack in order to maximize performance so that Web applications automatically scale as traffic surges.  (IE.  We make it work so you don’t have to think about it..period!!)
  • We can offer live 24/7 phone support and live chat — a far cry from the community-based support offered by Amazon’s EC2 cloud-computing platform.

*Credit Card Billing required on all Accounts.
*We have a network of Designers and Developers available for nominal fees.  

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